“What Does It Take?” Project Begins

Before I landed a job, when I was but a wee lad itching for work, I’d often look at a demo reel of a local motion design studio and ask myself, “What does it take to work there?” This is something I can imagine many young designers and artists often ask themselves but never really find the answer to. Continue reading


Another Day. Another Dropshadow.

This hilarious poster from The Design Bureau of Amerika accurately depicts the typical day of a full-time graphic designer. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with too much (plus I commute instead of drive which, however, presents another slew of problems) but I definitely have my days.

You laugh because it’s true but there’s a little, tiny part in you that is also crying because it’s true. The best part is 3pm-3:10pm “Briefly contemplate a change in career.” Who hasn’t been there?

The poster can be ordered through TDBA’s website to be freely hung in your office for the world to see. Just make sure your boss doesn’t see it unless he/she has a sense of humour.

“May the creative concept never be forgotten and the good fight always be fought.”

Contagion : How a Virus Changes the World

This video interested me in 2 ways. 1) I’ve been meaning to see Contagion and 2) SARS was quite the hot issue in Toronto a couple years back. I remember going to high school on the the bus and seeing a few people wearing medical face masks, which kind of freaked out the 15-year old me. Not to mention the animation and design is really slick. I guess that makes 3 ways.

Like Bieber Fever. Ha!