Kina Grannis – In Your Arms Music Video

The longest project I’ve ever worked on lasted about 3 months (and a few weeks of those were just waiting for client approval!). This video by Kina Grannis was on and off for almost 2 years. Crazy. At first I thought the background was some sort of effect, some filter applied to drawings or something. Well, I was wrong. Those are all jelly beans behind her, individually placed and moved for each frame. Then I thought, “well they probably shot her on green screen” Well that was wrong too. Kina was there, lying on top of a pane of glass for every frame.

Watch the music video and then check out the making of posted below!

Obviously, the result is spectacular and the work they put into it is amazing, to say the least. I’m just wondering if it was actually necessary. I mean, there has to have been an easier way to have done it while receiving the same effect…right?


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