Poking Fun at Cat Video Phenomenon

You’ve done it. I’ve done it. It’s shameful really. There you are sitting in front of your computer, watching cat video after cat video, and before you know it an hour has gone by. Well you’re not alone. Cat videos get tens of millions of views and chances are, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are watching cat videos at this very moment. It’s an epidemic, really.

As with everything else that garners online viral status, there is the inevitable parody video of it. Below are two well produced videos that poke fun at our inane admiration of cat videos.

Kittywood Studios


Both are funny and well produced, but in my opinion, “Catvertising” by Toronto’s own John St. and cut together by Relish Editing gets it purrfect right. It’s funnier and at just the right length; Kittywood runs on a bit I find. Even though it came out after Kittywood and may very well be a knock-off of it, Catvertising is an overall better spot. And that is my semi in-depth analysis of these two cat parody videos. Hurrah…


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