Share the Road Commercial

On top of editing this spot in premiere Pro, using After Effects, I did some tracking so the graphics followed the bikers. For some shots I used the 3D Camera Tracker that comes shipped with After Effects CS6 which did a great job tracking not only the movement of the camera, but also the position of the biker I was tracking.


Sail “Welcome to the Great Indoors”

This is one of three spots that had a very tight deadline. The commercials were all shot in-store on an ARRI ALEXA, and then edited and finished for broadcast in less than a week. Needless to say, it was a very long and busy week for me!

This was also the first commercial I edited completely in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. After much extensive research and playing with the demo version beforehand, I took the jump and switched over from FCP7. In the end the speed, workflow, and integration between After Effects saved a tonne of time.

Second Harvest Event Promo

This is a commercial broadcasted to promote the Toronto charity event.

Using After Effects, I animated the entire spot. The array of forks in the background was done using Trapcode Particular and setting the forks as a custom particle.

One of the challenges was finding an interesting way to portray the copious amount of text near the end. Other than having the text flip, flop, and pop up, I particularly like when the text is “forked” away.

This project has some sentimental value as it was my first commercial that was broadcasted and televised to the public.

Golf Town Father’s Day Spot

This commercial spot was aired to promote Golf Town’s Father’s Day event. The “fathers” were shot on a RED camera at 120fps which I then conformed down to 29.97 for the slow motion effect.

I remember one of the requests from the client was to whiten the teeth of one of the actors. Luckily, I was able to key out said person’s teeth and change its hue and brightness. Subtle, but it’s there!